Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cotton Candy Dreams

So clearly do the crystal eyes speak,
Such depth in their mute words,
How can one but not feel touched,
By the way they see the world?

I saw the eyes of the naked child,
The truth in them, so clear and bright,
The desperation, the hopelessness, the cry,
The tears forever possessing the eye.

I saw the eyes of a beggar boy,
Begging to be held, begging to be loved,
Begging for care, begging for hope,
Begging for a world, begging for a life.

I saw the eyes of the beaten child,
Scared and stiff, ready to die,
The eyes were full of terror and sorrow,
Glowing dimmer with every tomorrow.

I saw the eyes of the child, who worked,
Day and night in the burning, scorching heat,
Look at the eyes of that lonely, homeless boy,
Who builds the foundation of homes of love.

I saw the eyes of the illiterate child,
Who saw me going to school everyday,
Who saw me climbing each step of knowledge,
While he waited every week for his pay check.

I saw the eyes of that utterly deprived sister,
Who was the student of the household,
Who saw her brother through the door of enlightenment,
A border she was never allowed to cross.

Look into those injured eyes for once,
Try to understand their desperate plea,
Try to look through my eyes,
In which the hopes and dreams are still free.

The mystery of those eyes shimmers and shines,
Waiting for you and me to clarify it,
The tears halt and stay,
Waiting for you and me to dry them.

The hearts are crouched in their darkness,
Waiting for you and me to light them again,
The feelings are long since desolate,
Waiting for you and me to feel them.

So lets be the raindrop in the desert,
Lets be the raft in the river,
Lets be the white doves that soar through the sky,
Lets be the answer to their cry.

Lets be the light of their eye,
Lets be the hope of their sigh,
Lets be the warmth of their hugs,
Lets be the love of their lives.

The Shadow Remains

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